Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thinking Man's Post

I had meant to get to this much earlier, but it seems at this point I'm accepting the award live via satellite a few days after the ceremony ended, but here goes: thanks to Piper, I am a proud recipient of the Thinking Blogger Award. It's part of one of those Internet memes that all the kids are talking about these days (at least, that's what my sources tell me). I was thrilled Piper chose DVD Panache, and he had some particularly kind words about the blog that made my eyes do that thing they do every time I watch Mask:

Early on in my blogging career (about six months ago) Adam contacted me out of the blue with a series of questions for his new on-going series titled Friday Screen Tests. I had the distinct honor of being his second entry, following Andy Horbal of No More Marriages! It was the first real sign that someone was reading and Adam nailed me in his description (which leads me to think I should try to be a bit more complex). From there, I have kept in close contact with Adam and followed his blog even closer. Every Friday, I am in complete awe of his Friday Screen Tests because much more than the linking that many bloggers do, Adam gives good insight to the blogs he features giving you more reason to visit the blog than just a recent post. And Adam keeps us wanting more with only a couple posts a week, but that's because each post is complete from start to finish. He blew me away with his incredible post John Carpenter's Decade and explored the depths of the movie The Burbs that I never knew existed. And his post 700 Possible Blog Names is funny, weird and something to behold. Adam, you helped me get started and to say thanks I bestow the Thinking Blogger's Award unto you. Sharpen this award like a pencil and use it to write one more post per week, because twice a week just ain't enough.
Wow, it is dusty in here! Unfortunately this isn't one of those awards I can place on my roomy trophy shelf, rather I have a bit of work to do:

1) If, and only if your blog is one that is tagged on my list below, you must write a post with links to five other blogs you like that consistently make you think (hence, the Thinking Blogger’s Award).

2) Link to this post so people will know whose good idea all this was.

3) Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” logo with a link to the post you wrote.

Here's the five I award this distinction to:

The Exploding Kinetoscope: Chris Stangl's blog was the first one I thought of for this award, because I think it's made me think more often than almost any other blog. Chris never goes with the consensus viewpoint, because he's often swimming upstream in a current of thought most feared to step in: witness his Beetlejuice tome, his plot analysis of Candy Stripers and his review of Star Wars: Episode III that will plain make you slap your knee (and that's just from the last few months!). In a perfect world, Chris would merge his first and last name and form an electro-jazz quartet under that title, but for now his writing will suffice. Here's to you, Christangl! (Friday Screen Test: 5-2-07).

The Watercooler:
DVD Guy has quite an assemblage of writing, both on pop culture and his personal life, but it's his work on YouTube that gets him this award. DVD Guy's series of videos entitled Worst Movie Scenes of All Time is nothing short of brilliant, and they're expertly made. Just watch the Episode 1 and see if you stop until you hit the latest installment. (Friday Screen Test: 2-9-07)

Tuwa's sites: At both Tuwa's Shanty and the Roots Canal and the shockingly consistent Stairs in Movies, Tuwa is like the aforementioned Christangl in that you can always count on him to do something different. Stairs in Movies is always different because of Tuwa's pleasingly puzzling thesis, but Tuwa's Shanty takes a fun and often scholarly look at film and most often music (I'm still in awe of his mammoth Invasion of the Body Snatchers series). (Friday Screen Test: 4-13-07).

The Ongoing Cinematic Education of Steve Carlton: Really a must-read blog for any writer of film, Steve is genuinely skilled in his ability to say a great amount in a fairly short space. Because of this, Steve has been able to amass quite a cache of movie reviews of the years, and thumbing through his grand index is worthwhile for any film fan.

Bad Movie Knights: Having just discovered this site last week, it made me think because no less than last month I had an idea for a blog just like this: a focus on celebrating the worst movies. Thankfully the team at Bad Knights had the idea first, because they do a helluva job, and leave no crappy stone unturned, whether it be My Science Project or Runaway.

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Tuwa said...

Sorry, I just moved and I've got behind on all my net reading. First the ISP gumped it through switching service over, then the new (wireless) network has been flaking out periodically....

Thanks for the mention; I'll tuck this into my next Shanty post.