Friday, June 22, 2007


July 24 is a long time coming for me. Not only has The Monster Squad never been available on DVD, but it's never shown on cable and the only VHS versions available were probably pressed in the early '90s. On July 24 it's finally going to happen with The Monster Squad: 20th Anniversary Edition on DVD, and to celebrate I'm hosting my inaugural blog-a-thon with THE MONSTER SQUAD-A-THON on that same date. I've been planning this for a long time, but what set it in stone was the confirmation of a VERY SPECIAL GUEST who will help make this event something even the 'Squad would be proud of.

Don't let the title fool you, it's not reserved just for posts about The Monster Squad as there are probably plenty of you out there who are not familiar with or have just plum forgot about Fred Dekker's classic. No, THE MONSTER SQUAD-A-THON will be a day to celebrate all movie monsters -- whether in the literal of figurative sense (human-looking monsters like Max Cady and Frank Booth are definitely welcome). I'm definitely going to be producing a few Monster Squad-related posts, including a review of the DVD and a visit from the aforementioned VERY SPECIAL GUEST. It will run all week starting July 24, so clean out your closets and check under your beds for any interested monsters.

'Who are you guys?'

'We're the Monster Squad!'


Anonymous said...

After watching a whole weeks work of horror movies, I think I'm down for a monster movie...ala "Howling" does that count?


Adam Ross said...

Of course -- lycanthropic mayhem is what "Monster Squad" does best!

PIPER said...

Great. I'll put it on the calendar.

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Excellent I want to get the DVD as a present for my sister because she likes so much those movies, I know she'll be grateful with me.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that A movie with the same name The Monster Squad is being produced by Rob Cohen and is currently in the planning stages. However it is not currently going to be a remake of the 1988 made film of the same name.
I went to the cinema next to!