Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend Reading Club

I've read a few posts the last couple days that deserve more than a mere comment of praise:

-- This is My Art and It is Dangerous: Sculpting Space in Beetlejuice. Mr. Never a Dull Post Chris Stangl provides us with perhaps the richest analysis ever of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. As someone who has enjoyed watching Beetlejuice numerous times (including opening weekend in 1988), I was still impressed at the depths Stangl was able to probe, and the original observations produced by these thoughts.

-- Jaws: Another (Deserving) Look at Overlooked Cinema. Unlike Beetlejuice, you've probably read more than a few authoritative essays on Jaws, and that's Ted Pigeon's point -- but by God is he going to write another one! Not encompassing of the whole film, Pigeon thankfully focuses on a few key areas and themes to great effect. If Stangl's post made you want to pick up Beetlejuice, then this post will put Jaws next in your queue.

-- Newsflash: Bill O'Reilly Caught Telling Lies! No matter what your political leanings are, or what your opinion of O'Reilly is, this is a must read from Jim Emerson. O'Reilly's attempt to create a controversy by taking sound bytes out of context and then sending a mousy field reporter to harass people is thoroughly set straight by Emerson and his heaping bowl of facts.

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