Friday, October 03, 2008

October: No rust for the wicked

It's October again, and that means we all begin our precious Halloween month traditions: painting your house black, renting a hurse, digging graves for the "mock" cemetary in the front yard, sharpening your knives, training the neighborhood crows to "caw" when that certain person walks by. You know, Halloween stuff! If you have enough time to spare in between your sick traditions, put these blogs on your daily routine, as they're putting on quite a show this month:
  • Moon in the Gutter: Jeremy Richey is celebrating the month with a 31-day salute to Halloween. I know Jeremy will have lots of tasty treats in honor of the horror classic, and he's started it off with a look at the connections the movie has to his home state of Kentucky.

  • Evil Eye Theatre: Piper has donned his Evil Clown guise for the month and his site is packed full of so many scares this month, your driver's license picture may well turn into a skull. Lots of fun stuff up already, including an enlightening conversation between God and Satan.

  • Cinema Styles: Jonathan Lapper is holding his much anticipated October Kill Fest, an event that will span mutilated text, pictures and video. Jonathan has already given us some fresh meat in the form of that wonderfully terrifying Frank Capra classic. He has also suggested to change your blog moniker to something befitting of the season -- sounds fun, why not?

  • Arbogast on Film: Arbo has pledged to honor 31 memorable screen screams through the month, good thing too since he possesses the rare talent to analyze screams the same way another person might go on about a satisying plate of southwestern egg rolls.

  • The Kind of Face You Hate: Bill R. and his newly launched blog (love the name), is taking a month-long look at horror fiction, starting with Henry James and H.P. Lovecraft.

  • Others: You can be damn sure that the usual October suspects of Stacie Ponder, Dennis Cozzalio and Kindertrauma will offer at least one feast of a post in honor of the holiday, as they have in years past.

Myself? I have neglected to plan anything special for the month, though I did promise myself to revive my long-neglected Bava Beat series, focusing on some of my favorite Bava horrors.


Greg said...

I'd go with Adam Floss, cause bleeding gums are mighty scary.

PIPER said...

Adam Die Rossi Spumanti. Ew, I just got chills.

Thanks for the link Adam Die Rossi Spumanti. Wow. Just got them again.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on keeping Halloween fun and not too scary.

Arbogast said...

In a word... boo!

elgringo said...

Thanks for the recommends! I'll be bookmarking these pages. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks so much for the link...I greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoy the posts throughout the month.