Sunday, October 12, 2008

The kid's got potential

"Hey Dad, what's this Straw Dogs movie about? What kind of dogs are in it?"

"Eh, only way to find out is to just watch it for myself."


elgringo said...

If I'm not mistaken, that's a copy of The Warriors down on the third shelf. I have a sixth sense for these sorts of things.

Also, your kid is rad. I like that he went straight for the Criterion film as well.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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Adam Ross said...

elgringo -- Wow, good eye! Am I the only one who doesn't really care for the director's cut?

moviezzz -- Yeah, I'm guilty of looking at those DVD posts as well. Most of the time I find myself laughing at them because while a lot of them have 3,000+ movies, when you see them close up, you see titles like "Swat" and "Basic." I'm a quality over quantity guy, if I feel I won't watch a movie again, I end up selling it. Aiden will probably get into Peckinpah shortly after his Verhoeven stage -- 5th grade or so I recon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, cutie patutie!

elgringo said...

The director's cut blows.
Those comic book transitions are awful.
There are no added scenes, just those transitions. Lame.

Fox said...

HA! I'm now waiting for a post-viewing reaction photo of him.

Also, nice job on having that Targets dvd! Love that movie.

p.s. Did Marilyn just say "cutie patutie"?

Fox said...


Copies of Swordfish and Troll/Troll 2.

Adam, how about swinging that camera over to the A-R section of the DVDs so we can pick that apart as well? :0)

PIPER said...

The Steven Segal Collection?

And right next to Straw Dogs is Strange Brew. Yes!

Did you know this Adam? If I click on the photo, it becomes bigger and then I can read every title in absolute clarity.

Did you know that? Did you?

I am extremely lucky in the fact that my son is A. Not Nosey and B. Not really that interested in exploring Daddy's DVD collection. If he were, I think the kid would go through puberty in about 15 minutes of watching Battle Royale or Boogie Nights or Re-Animator.

Fox said...

Evil Clown-

You gotta admire Adam's diversity:

They Were Expendable next to Tenacious D... Tom Goes To The Mayor sandwiched in between THX1138 and Total Recall.

It looks like Adam Jr. hasn't been alpabetizing correctly after he watches them... um, "They" would come after "Tenacious". Come on, son!

PIPER said...

What the hell are kids good for if not alphabetizing. And making sweaters for the cold months ahead.

Adam Ross said...

Fox -- Stay tuned, I'm working on a "Google street view" of my living room. "Swordfish" cost me $4 two years ago, yet I have never put it on, seemed like a good idea at the time. "Troll 2" is among my most viewed titles, a true treasure.

Clown -- I was aware of the potential perils of posting that picture. That's why I was careful to crop it as to not include the giant poster on my wall that lists all my fears and weaknesses in great detail. Trying to play with my DVDs is just half the story with Aiden -- he's been waging a personal war against my HD-DVD player (slamming his fists on it, trying to open the door). Last night I bought some kind of plastic barrier that will hopefully deter him.

Fox said...

Actually, I've always wanted to see Swordfish. Please don't take my mention of it as mockery... it was more admiration of variety.

I don't have kids, but I have a niece and nephew and their favorite things are pulling books off the shelf and throwing them on the ground. I can only imagine Aiden plays the same game with your DVDs.

Greg said...

If I ever took a picture like this I'd do photoshop work on it first so everyone would think I only had to most cerebral exclusive movies possible. 'Cause my real collection sucks.

Adam Ross said...

Good call Lapp, or you could just alter the titles to sound more cerebral and exclusive (i.e. "Hope Floats" becomes "Hope Floats: A Film by John Cassavetes").