Monday, October 27, 2008

Kinda like that one time you won a Family Guy DVD set...

Hi, I'm Adam Ross with DVD Panache (LIGHT APPLAUSE).

Thank you, but please settle down, we have something serious to talk about here: nothing. That's right "nothing," the little word that represents the absence of anything. "Nothing" is usually used in a negative connotation (see: The Never Ending Story), and rightfully so -- but today I'm here to offer you a chance to experience "nothing" for all the good it can represent. Namely, getting something for nothing (GASPS).

I know, what you're wondering what the catch is, and here it is: you just have to send me an email (SKEPTICAL MURMURING). But there has to be more to it than that, right? Yes, you're right: you have to send me an email telling me what your favorite Family Guy flashback is. So now you know about the "nothing" of the equation, and here's the "something": one random person who sends me an email telling me what their favorite Family Guy flashback is will receive a copy of Family Guy: Vol. 6 (RANDOM WHISTLES OF APPROVAL). You remember that Family Guy has flashbacks, right? Here's one to refresh your memory:

So one person is guaranteed a happy ending in this deal, but what of everyone else? You won't be left out, because after the prize is sent out, DVD Panache will present a list of the best of the flashback entrants, including my personal favorite. So now all you need to do is decide on your favorite Family Guy flashback -- but don't take too long, the voting deadline is Nov. 3! And since we're on the topic of Family Guy, Vol. 6, let's take a look at the voices and writers who were responsible for all those flashbacks:

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