Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Nilbog

With family coming over this weekend, I had been thinking for weeks about what I could pick for a perfect Thanksgiving movie. This lead to further pondering about what qualifies as a Thanksgiving movie. Then today, it suddenly struck me: Troll 2. Think about it, here are the main themes of the movie:

1. Family comes before everything.
2. This includes friends.
3. In fact, don't even waste your time making friends, because you shouldn't spend any time with them.
4. Vegetarians are evil, and maybe not even human.
5. Pastries are also evil.
6. Also, fruit.
7. When in doubt (or peril), eat meat.

If you're one of the unlucky ones who hasn't seen Troll 2, be thankful that I'm providing you with these filling screencaps:


Anonymous said...

That green stuff is making me nauseous...

My perfect Thanksgiving movie has always been and will always be Rudy.

Football? Check. A cry-worthy ending? Check (at least for me). Things to be thankful for? Check. A big (metaphorical) heart? Check. A terrible family that finally comes around? Check.

And did I mention it's about football?


How could they not know that Nilbog spells Goblin backwards!!!

My little brother once peed on our thanksgiving dinner to prevent us from eating it. But he didn't even have the courtesy of stopping time for 30 seconds (2 minutes) first.

Adam Ross said...

Pacheco -- it also feels like a historical documentary, back to a time long ago when Notre Dame was competitive. Football makes for a good Thanksgiving movie, but goblins mean so much more.

Joseph -- Very sad to hear about your little brother, if only his grandfather had the ambition of Grandpa Seth.

elgringo said...

Apparently, I have yet to watch America's greatest contribution to the world of cinema.
Thank you, Adam.
Thank you.

bill r. said...

Troll 2 looks really, really good. Is Sonny Bono in it? What about Julia Louis-Dreyfuss?

PIPER said...

Is that kid getting ready to whip it out?

I'm with Pacheco here. There's something about that green that makes me throw up a bit in my throat.

Adam Ross said...

Gringo -- You. Have. No. Idea.

Bill -- Claudio Fragasso doesn't need stars to make his movie. He just needs a good amount of green frosting and a double decker bologna sandwich.

Piper -- Why yes he is, and it's perfectly warranted in the movie. If you think that's a little out of bounds, well, you just need to see Troll 2.

MayorMcCheese said...

What I want to know is where you sign up to trade houses with families from Utah for weekends at a time.

elgringo said...

Rob --

Robin said...

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