Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Greatest Thing Ever!

Thanks to weepingsam for pointing me toward The Greatest Thing Ever, also known as The Parallel Universe Film Guide. Did you know that in the Parallel Universe, D.O.A. is titled Eh...What Are You Gonna Do? and is summarized as:

Man is injected with poison that will kill him in 24 hours. He searches for the person responsible, gives up, has last meal surrounded by family and friends, dies peacefully.
Most curiously, the Parallel Universe rates its movies on a 10-star scale, with the full rating reserved for Unquestionable Masterpieces (as opposed to nine and a half-star movies, which are "masterpieces with minor questions"). Of course, there are also parts of the Parallel Universe that we may never understand -- such as the wonder of The Kid With Damp Clothes (1948) or The Plumber Grew Quills (1959) -- and that's where the Parallel Universe Film Guide comes in. Though it's obviously still combing through this ever so similar universe, the PUFG has unearthed many finds.

The PUFG is hilarious, but it's also quite a challenge for film fans -- can you recognize many of the movies? It's too addicting to just keep hitting the "random page" button again and again. My favorite so far is probably At Least I Have a Hobby (1931), but I know that will change in about an hour.

There's too many great entries in there for one man to find, feel free to post some of the gems you come across.


Anonymous said...

I instantly recognized "The Kid With Damp Clothes" as "The Boy with Green Hair" and after some research (Seymour Clydesdale= Fred Macmurray) I think "The Plumber Grew Quills" is "The Shaggy Dog."

Great Site. Their Touch Of Evil one (If It's Baroque, Don't Fix it) is my favorite largely because of this:

Didja Know?

The studio orignally cut this film down to three minutes long, burned the negatives, threw the ashes at Rhodes and laughed; the restored version glued ashes together, added sprinkles.

weepingsam said...

It's an inescapable time sink. Here's Estupidospectaculado (1982) - "German director Glockner's magnificent dramatization of Irish industrial visionary who was determined to move the entire country of Peru by putting handfuls of it in his pockets, bringing it back to Ireland, one trip at a time."

It's hopeless.

Adam Ross said...

Ah, yes I should have guessed that on "Quills." Estupidospectaculado is easily my new favorite.