Tuesday, March 18, 2008

April will be the WORST MONTH EVER

It recently dawned on me that April is just around the corner. I hate April. Can we just agree that April is the worst month ever? Sports-wise is doesn't get much worse: football season is over, college basketball is over, baseball begins its four month monopoly, and the first round of the NBA playoffs feels longer every year. April is the Tuesday of the months -- too far from summer to get excited about it, and any remaining glow from the holiday months has already worn off. And even though Spring technically begins in April, you don't get anything in the way of consistent sunshine until May. Even though April's one holiday may have been fun at some point in history, April Fool's Day has probably been litigated to the point of no return. No offense to my friends and relatives with April birthdays -- but you're tainted.

So in order to beat back the disappointment of April before it hits, I'm announcing the WORST MONTH EVER here on DVD Panache -- a month of posts celebrating and pointing out the worst in movies. I will break down the two contenders for Worst Movie of 2007, name the Worst Scenes from the Best Movies, try to find the Worst Sex Scenes, give you my pick for the Worst Scene of All Time, and more. And if you have something worse than me to post, go right ahead and play along -- we need to battle April on all fronts.


Joe Baker said...

Great idea. I hate April too. Green grass, warmer days, kittens playing in wicker baskets. Makes me sick. I'll certainly have a few posts lined up for you.

Anonymous said...

August is probably my least favorite month. Way too hot and summer is coming to an end. Of course as a teen I hated it as well because school was about to be in session again.

However, in April you do have people annoying you about April's Fools and bothering you for your tax returns, so I'm really looking forward to your articles, Adam.

PIPER said...

Great idea, but I would like to lobby for February to by far be the worst frickin month ever created.

Holidays have worn off, everything is dead, weather sucks, the flu usually kicks up (you'll understand this more when you kid gets older) and there's nothing, nothing, nothing going on. And I say this as someone who had a birthday smack dab in the middle of the month.

And what's wrong with April baseball?

Adam Ross said...

All true, Piper but consider: not only is February short, but you may get a day off from work on Presidents Day and parent-teacher conferences usually fall in that month so kids get a couple more days off (my wife's a teacher).

And honestly, I'm a non-baseball fan raised in basketball town (Portland). I'm not conditioned to look forward to opening day like some people are.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so man. You must have some sort of bias against April, because where I live the weather during this month is usually quite nice with little rain sometimes none at all ( I'm a Cali girl). Also, theres baseball, spring break ( for some), spring starts and flowers start blooming so things start becoming more alive, and so on. The only real negative thing is tax day, and that's only one day in the month and it's only bad if you owe, but GREAT if you get a refund (anyway the government chose this month for tax day as it could probably been anytime). I am a September baby and my birthday is usually too hot and school starts. I do like summer though. I think the winter months are the worst because usually its cold AND it rains slot sometimes. April is not the worst. Sorry