Saturday, February 16, 2008

The most important guinea pig in film history!

Hey, remember Paul Clark? For the rest of the month, Paul (with some help from his guinea pig Muriel) is rolling out the second annual Muriel Awards at Silly Hats Only, with a new category winner and accompanying short essay revealed each day. I was honored to be invited as a voter this year, and you can read my writing on Blade Runner, as the Muriel-recipient for 25th Anniversary Award Winner for Best Film, 1982. Paul assembled a lot of excellent contributors, and he even provides the complete voting results for each category. There will be some fun categories near the end, and I'm writing an accompanying essay for one of those as well. A lot of hard work and care has gone into the Muriels, and I think it will grow each year and eventually pass the Oscars in popularity and meaningfulness (stranger things have happened, I think).

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