Sunday, January 27, 2008

Strategy guide for 'Cloverfield' (XBOX 360)

About the game: Cloverfield is a first-person adventure game where the player takes on the role of HUD (an obvious play on "Heads Up Display"), an everyday guy who gets caught up in a monster attack on Manhattan. The game begins at a going away party for one of HUD's friends, and progresses as HUD and his friends try to escape to safety, while also trying to unlock the secret of the monster's origin and possibly defeat it.

Weapons: There are only three weapons in the gme: digital camera, pipe and fusion cannon. The digital camera has unlimited recording capacity, and when pointed at someone allows you to talk to them and gain information. The pipe is available at certain locations in the game and is effective at swatting away Gnat Spiders and possibly killing them. The fusion cannon is only available if you decide not to save Beth at her apartment building and is located in a secret location (see the LEVEL 6 section for more information.

Gameplay: Most of the game is spent running through the streets of New York City, with occasional jumping challenges and attacks from Gnat Spiders. Occasionally, you will be attacked by the monster and will need to dodge its legs. Also, several areas will require you to talk to people on the streets to gain information for the next level.

Level walkthrough
Level 1: The Party
This is a fairly simple level designed to teach you the controls. At your friend Rob's going away party, you're tasked with getting seven video testimonials from guests. Aim the cursor at a guest's head to solicit a testimonial, and be sure to have your digital camera recording. You'll find that most of the guests won't be interested in giving a testimonial, the easy way to find the right guests is to look for those who are holding a martini glass. A few guests will offer you a drink -- if you accept, your movement will become slower, but it will also add to your Drunk Bonus at the end. After you record the seventh testimonial, follow Rob to the roof to see the monster cut scene.

'Cloverfield' gives the gamer first-person monster action!

Level 2: Streets of Manhattan
The hardest part of this level is right at the beginning when the Statue of Liberty's head comes flying through the street. The best strategy is to wait two seconds after the crowd starts screaming before jumping backwards. Too early and you'll land where wreckage from the building will crush you, too late and the head will squash you. After the head lands, talk to a few people and you'll eventually meet a crowd heading for Brooklyn. Before you leave, make sure to find the convenience store and stock up on your Slusho supply for later.

Level 3: Brooklyn Bridge
This is one of the hardest levels in the game, as you'll have to keep track of Rob and your other friends, or risk getting caught where the bridge will collapse. After a few minutes of walking, the bridge will start collapsing -- instead of running with the crowd, stay with your group of friends and jump to safety. There are a few tricky jumps so it might take you a few tries to get through. To get through the level, talk to a few people at the end to find which route to take to the subway.

Level 4: Monster Battle
After following Rob through the streets, you'll soon hear the monster coming. Dodging its giant footsteps is fairly easy, as you'll see the shadow indicating where they'll land. The monster will stomp six times before the army intervenes. Duck as soon as you hear gunshots (Y button) and stay down until you hear the tank approaching. Roll to the right (Y + R buttons) and watch the army battle the monster. If you rolled to the right, the entrance to the subway should be around the next corner. Find the pipe next to the subway entrance, you'll need it for the next level.

Level 5: Subway
By far the hardest level in the game, if only for how hard it is to see the Gnat Spiders. At first they will come one by one, but by the end of the level there will be packs of them. At first you'll be able to kill them by dealing a few blows by the pipe, but when more and more gang up on you, just give each of them one hit to slow their attacks. Remember, if any of your friends die the game is over so keep the Gnat Spiders away from Rob and Marlena. When you hear Marlena yell "This way!" that means the exit is up ahead, hit it with the pipe and the door should open and the level will end. Try to save your Slusho health power-ups because you'll get to recuperate in the next level.

Medical center crossroads
After Level 5 you'll get a chance to refill your health from the military doctors and also need to decide which path to take to the end of the game. If you choose to go to Beth's apartment building, you can save Beth and upgrade your Friends Bonus at the end of the game. I recommend taking the Central Park path, where you can find the Fusion Cannon and destroy the monster.

Level 6: Central Park
During this level you'll be dodging the monster's footsteps until you find the Fusion Cannon and blow up the bug. The Fusion Cannon is located on top of the J.J. Abrams statue at the center of the park, and the only way to get to it is to push the hot dog cart at the beginning of the level and jump from the top of it. Once you have the Fusion Cannon, there's just one shot to kill the monster or the game is over. The best way to connect with the Fusion Cannon is wait until the F-22s distracts the monster, then aim for its head. Bonus: before you head to the evacuation helicopter and finish the game, go to the electronics store across the street and click the cursor on one of the televisions, the news report on the TV will explain the monster's origin.


PIPER said...

So what's the cheat code so I can take Marlena in back and have passionate sex with her for hours on end?

Adam Ross said...

Do you have to ask? Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Unfortunately, the camera becomes too shaky to really see much.

I liked "Cloverfield" enough, but the storytelling and action felt like a few video games I had played -- I kept waiting to hear "Hud needs food very badly!"

Yet Another Human said...

I think cloverfield is very good.
The shaky look is cool.

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Gameplay: Most of the game is spent running through the streets of New York City, with occasional jumping challenges and attacks from Gnat Spiders. Occasionally, you will be attacked by the monster and will need to dodge its legs. Also, several areas will require you to talk to people on the streets to gain information for the next level.boom beach hack