Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Next week: The Monster Squad-a-thon!

Exactly a week from today, The Monster Squad: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD will go on sale, and with it comes The Monster Squad-a-thon at this very blog you are reading. The inaugural blog-a-thon at DVD Panache will feature a VERY SPECIAL GUEST who will help ring in this momentous day Monster Squad fans have been awaiting for years. And in the spirit of our VERY SPECIAL GUEST, I'm hoping for some especially monstrous contributions from bloggers near and far. For those out there who are too shy to ask questions, let's answer a few:

Q: Do I have to be a Monster Squad fan to contribute to The Monster Squad-a-thon?
A: No! The blog-a-thon is dedicated to the movie's long-awaited DVD release, but the subject matter concerns monsters and monster movies.

Q: How long will The Monster Squad-a-thon last?
A: I'm leaving on Friday, July 27 for Seattle, so that morning will probably be the end credits.

Q: I don't know what a blog-a-thon is and am too ashamed to ask anyone.
A: A blog-a-thon is when a group of bloggers all post on a similar topic, and the 'host blog' of the blog-a-thon acts as a headquarters of sorts, with links to all the corresponding posts. It ends up being a lot of fun for all parties involved.

Q: This Monster Squad movie sounds interesting, can I see it before July 24?
A: Not likely! Until next week the only way you can see Monster Squad is on the same VHS tapes that have been circulating since the late 80s, that's why the DVD release is such a big deal.

Q: I want to contribute, but am helplessly uninformed.
A: It's simple: write a post on your blog (or if you don't have a blog, email me the post and I'll publish it here), make sure to reference the blog-a-thon with a link to DVD Panache, and email or leave a comment to me that your post is up. Simple, right?

Q: Who is this VERY SPECIAL GUEST you keep talking about?
A: Tune in next week to find out!

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