Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Cover Art Has No Nards

Umm, yeah, that's the cover art for the much-anticipated Monster Squad DVD. I have some angry feelings about this, but I'll let Andre Gower -- the leader of The Monster Squad -- speak first. From his blog: 'Why wouldn't you put the actual Squad members from the film the Monster SQUAD on the cover art !? And...oh yeah...who's the kid in the middle with a bandolier of bullets and a f-ing sword ?!?!?!?....when did that happen in the film?'

Although I'm usually pretty lenient about reworked cover art, this is just terrible. Squad fans have waited almost a decade for this movie to be on DVD, but now it's still not going to get the due it reserves since it's being marketed as a kids movie about a tyke who goes to war with a bandoleer and a combination kitchen knife/cutlass. Let's just lay it all on the table about how bad they missed on this cover art:

  • Dracula looks like a doll (this guy is going to take over the world?)
  • Frankenstein looks like some sort of Abe Vigoda hybrid.
  • Though this movie is called Monster SQUAD, we see a single child brandishing an impressive armament including large-caliber bullets and some sort of knife wisely pointed at his lower back (there is no such character, or weapons in the movie).
  • The title typeface looks like it's from a PlayStation role playing game.
  • The whole thing looks like a PlayStation RPG.
  • The tagline at the bottom is new, and doesn't reflect what the movie is at all.
Now let's look at the original poster:
See anything wrong with this one? See any major differences between the two?

But as Andre says, this isn't official yet, but it's obviously not looking. Fortunately, this is still going to be an outstanding DVD -- much more than anyone could have expected: two commentary tracks, deleted scenes, a documentary and reunion footage. And it's coming out July 24, after being rumored for a Halloween release. Despite the cover art fiasco, I can't wait for this to drop -- and if you haven't seen the movie, I'm planning a blowout Monster Squad post in July to celebrate its release.

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