Friday, February 09, 2007


DVD Guy has been writing movie reviews on the Internet longer than most of us have been ... um, watching reality shows? A founding member of the Online Film Critics Society, DVD Guy has penned content for a variety of sites, but now focuses most of his attention on his blog The Watercooler, where in addition to film reviews you'll find the fruits of his intensive You Tube surfing and many other pop culture tidbits that you'll rarely find anywhere else. The Watercooler has a vast reserve of content that goes far beyond movies, including remarkably candid accounts of his career stops -- including a fascinating read about his time at a failed HD television network.

THE GHOST AND MR. DVD GUY: 'I thought the Blair Witch Project was sufficiently creepy, with creepy vibes given off that would last for quite some time after the initial viewing.'

SEE YA, PSYCHLO: 'Battlefield Earth made me quit Scientology.'

THE 10 CENT CONCESSIONS AREN'T BAD EITHER: 'I'd love to experience the 50s and 60s sci-fi/horror movies in a theater with that era's crowd.'

ROCK OF AGES: 'I recently watched The Family Stone over the holidays with family. I fully expected to hate the thing but it wound up being the best film I'd seen all year.'

THE LOST WEEKENDS: '[I watch] one or two films during the week. 3-5 on weekends. Sometimes more during the summer or outside of football season.'

LISTEN HERE, YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPPER: '12 Angry Men, The Ox-Bow Incident or Ruggles of Red Gap' -- movies DVD Guy would show to someone who hates anything not in color.

AQUA LUNG! Anchorman never fails to rise DVD Guy's spirits.

BE NICE: 'Road House' . . . 'awesome cheese.'

WELL, ALLOW ME TO RETORT: Pulp Fiction is DVD Guy's easy answer for all-time favorite film.

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