Saturday, August 18, 2007

David Lynch Radio

It was quite a treat to get in my car Thursday and hear the Twin Peaks theme coming out of the speakers. Yup, David Lynch joined NPR's Talk of the Nation for a lively chat with Neil Conan and a handful of callers. I was surprised that Lynch had agreed to do a call-in show, but he is his usual enthusiastic self throughout, and more than happy to give rich answers to everyone's questions.

Even if you're not a Lynch fan, this is a great listen if only to hear how a dedicated artist so values ideas and how he harnesses them. I particularly enjoyed Lynch's reaction to politics in his movies, and his views about returning to television work.

You can listen to the segment here, and it's also available as a podcast. On that same page is a link to a segment from a few years ago when Blue Velvet was re-released on DVD and Dennis Hopper sat down for an entertaining interview.


Piper said...

How cool is this? Is he going to be a regular on NPR or was it just a one time thing?

Adam Ross said...

I think that's the first time he's been on there, because they usually link back to past appearances on the web site. Seems like he's ramping up his public appearances with "Inland Empire," so hopefully he'll be back.

Thom said...

I recall hearing a short phone-in with Lynch on NPR when they did a film noir program. I think he was in the middle of working on Mulholland Drive, and, when pressed, offered The Big Sleep as his preferred example of noir.

Thanks for the link, Adam. Gotta love the Lynch.